I hope that this holy feast of the Nativity of the Lord finds all my friends and visitors well!

Fra Angelico Nativity

I’ve been blessed to spend much of this week with my parents.  It’s been a busy but lovely week.  We attended a glorious Mass last evening at my parish, and shared lots of yummy meals!

I received some lovely gifts, including a new wallet, a new skirt and blouse, a “care package” with all kinds of useful and delightful things, and a couple of new books:  My Life with the Saints by Fr. James Martin, which has been strongly recommended by Julie, and The Vatican: Secrets and Treasures of the Holy City by Fr. Michael Collins, which is a truly glorious pictorial work!

But being with my parents and going to Mass were the greatest gifts and blessings of all, of course!

And having next week off from work is pretty cool too!  :)

I’ll try to post again soon… til then, be well and enjoy the Christmas season–it’s just beginning, remember!