The polls are open for the 2008 Weblog Awards, and there are several stellar Catholic bloggers in the running for Best Religious Blog!

What Does the Prayer Really Say? has been way out in front all day.  Father Z may be uncatchable.  But that won’t discourage the other spirited Catholic contenders.

Conversion Diary has made an impressive leap into second place.

Happy Catholic isn’t far behind in third.

Standing on my Head is hanging in there in fourth.

There’s plenty of time for the standings to change, ladies and gentlemen!  Voting continues through 13 January, and you may vote once every 24 hours!  Vote now and every day!

While all of these fine fellow Catholic bloggers richly deserve to win, I’m cheering on my local favorite, Happy Catholic!  With sincere humility, she reports that she is still gobsmacked to be among the finalists in this category and compares herself to the Jamaican bobsled team in this race.  Go kiss the egg!