Father Powell tells us how we can help support and preserve this beautiful liturgical treasure:

The Western Dominican Province (USA) is sponsoring and hosting a conference on the Dominican Rite of the Mass.

If you would like to donate to the conference scholarship fund to help needy Dominicans (novices, students, etc.) attend, send your donations to:

The Living Tradition
Holy Rosary Church
375 N.E. Clackamas Street
Portland, OR 97232

Mark your donation: “for scholarships to attend the Living Tradition Conference”

Why should you donate? Easy, cheesy. Now that our incomparable Holy Father has given universal permission to all priests to celebrate the Mass in the Extraordinary Form (a.k.a. “Tridentine Mass”), Dominicans all over the world are reviving our unique tradition of the Mass as one more way of fulfilling the Pope’s desire for a more solemn celebration of the sacrament that is at once organically faithful to the Church’s longest liturgical tradition and appealing to a growing number of Catholic who long for an experience of the transcendent in worship. Your donation to the scholarhship fund will make it possible for budget-challenged OP’s to attend. Think about what the next generation of priests will do for the Church armed with the Extraordinary Form AND the Dominican Rite! Not to mention what these two traditional rites will do to help bring the Ordinary Form (a.k.a, “Novus Ordo Mass”) out of the crippling experimentation and goofiness of the 1970’s!