I’m totally in love with the CD, The Priests.  I’ve been playing it nearly constantly at home and at work, and the more I listen to it, the more I enjoy it.

The Fathers’ voices are wonderful and match so well together.  The songs are beautifully arranged, and I love every single one, although I’m especially fond of Haydn’s delightful “Mit Würd und Hoheit Angetan,” the haunting Irish hymn, “Ag Crióst an Siól,” Elgar’s stately “Ecce Sacerdos Magnus,” and a beautiful setting of the Benedictus by Robat Arwyn.

It is a very peaceful, very spiritual, even prayerful, soundtrack.  It calms and quietens my soul, while turning it heavenward.  That’s just what I’ve been really needing of late!

Highly recommended.