Today is the third Friday of the month, and as usual, I’m offering it with prayer and fasting for our priests, seminarians, and men who are called to the priesthood.

My spirit was bolstered by this photograph of a newly-ordained priest celebrating his first Mass in Italy, in the extraordinary form:

New priest

I found it via Father Z, and The New Liturgical Movement has more.

It’s a wonderful and encouraging sight!

Tomorrow is a big day: the local Roe Memorial events here in Dallas, where Roe v. Wade began.  I am going downtown to the cathedral in the morning, along with Julie and her husband, and hopefully a massive crowd of other people!  Bishop Farrell has urged all Catholics in the diocese to come and take a stand against abortion.  I hope everyone who can come will.

I owe Julie special props, by the way… it was at her invitation, issued on her blog, that I attended last year’s events.  I had never met her before, though I knew she was at my parish.  When I did meet her, I recognized her because we had sat near each other during Mass before!  It’s neat how things work out sometimes!

Please join your prayers to those of us in Dallas tomorrow morning.