These excellent photos are not mine, they are from the Catholic Pro-Life Committee of Dallas.  They have 60 posted so far, and will probably be posting even more.  Here are just a few that I liked:

These youth were full of vitality, early on a Saturday morning:


The Knights of Columbus in colorful array, waiting to escort the clergy into the cathedral for Mass:


The procession begins:


Our good shepherd, Bishop Kevin Farrell:


Our cathedral isn’t exactly… huge.  But it is very beautiful, and a deeply peaceful and spiritual place.  OH, and I just realized that both Julie and I were wearing light “Marian” blue sweaters!  You can see us toward the lower left.


The representatives in the Procession of Roses.  The basket of roses is held by an expecting mother, representing 2009, at center:


The ecumenical rally beside the cathedral.  The crowd was huge.  I was standing all the way around on the other side of the cathedral–and it was crowded there too.  We couldn’t hear the speeches; hopefully they will have more loudspeakers next year.


The march, led by Bishop Farrell and other pro-life leaders, turns onto Griffin St.  One of the highlights of the march was turning the corner and seeing the crowd stretching all the way back along Ross Ave.


The courthouse at last.  We were toward the far end of the block.  Hopefully, there will be additional loudspeakers there too!