I just came back from watching Obama’s inaugural address.

It was a great speech.  Truly great.  Beautiful and powerful.

I wanted to believe every word.  I still do.

But as I listened, I kept being struck by how many of those beautiful and powerful words were completely undermined by Obama’s extreme pro-abortion stance.

How is expanding abortion “rights” going to hold Americans responsible for themselves and accountable to our historical values as a nation or to future generations?  Who are these future generations and descendants going to be if abortion gets even more out of control than it is now?

How are we going to be a nation of hope and virtues amid the storm clouds when we keep creating our own storm clouds, and you’re more in favor of it than anybody?

How are we going to perpetuate the Founding Fathers’ vision of rights, justice, and equality for all when we’re basically counting an entire class of human beings as non-human?

How are we going to be any different or any better than those who have supported slavery and deprived people of their God-given rights in the past?

How, President Obama?  What are you really going to do to be true to your great visions?

On a related note, I look forward to seeing what, if anything, his reaction will be to the March for Life on Thursday.