Remember how I said I probably wouldn’t go with a lacy veil?  I may have spoken too soon.

A couple of friends directed me to the Halo Works veil/mantilla page.  And I’ve pretty much fallen in love with some of their creations.  I especially like the sciarpa piccolo and small Spanish rectangle styles.  I like how the former can be worn so that it’s short in front and long in back; I like how the latter can be nicely draped around the neck and shoulders.  All of them are far prettier than anything I ever wore as a goth girl.  You can tell they were made with love.

So… maybe I will get a lace veil after all.

But I still want to consider all my options and make sure I choose exactly the right one for me.  I’m not just doing this for myself, I’m doing it in honor of God.  I want something that expresses the person He created me to be.

Does anybody know of any other good places to look at veils and other appropriate head-coverings?  Please let me know!