I finally got a Twitter account, after constantly hearing “twitter” this and “tweet” that.  I’m not sure what kind of person would want to follow my every fascinating move, but… there it is.

I’m also on Facebook.  It has been fun to keep up with people that way.  I found my best friend from 6th grade; or rather, she found me.  That was cool!

I’m just now warming up to podcasts, thanks especially to Julie and Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

I do not, however, own an iPod.  I’ve generally been OK with that… so far.

I’ve even begun to think that it might be fun to try creating my own audio content.  But I haven’t the foggiest idea how even to get started with such a thing.  I don’t even own a microphone.

My co-workers are getting me into Delicious.  We’re using it for work.  It might be useful for me personally as well.  I’m not sure yet.

I do sort of miss the days when I was always up on the Latest Things.

So tell me, good readers… what is out there that I can’t live without?