I’ve been under the weather lately.  I got up early to attend the TLM at my parish this morning, but my throat was so sore and I’d gotten so little sleep last night that I went back to sleep for about 4 hours.  I’m disappointed because I’d been looking forward to going all… week… long!

I’m feeling better this evening.  I think I might go to the TLM tomorrow at the Carmelite nuns’ chapel.

I had no idea just how compelling the TLM would be for me.  I never thought that it would be such a big deal.  I never saw myself regularly attending it.  I certainly wasn’t prepared for the longing that has awoken in me.  Normally I might think, “Oh, it’s just that it’s something new and different.  I’ll get over it soon enough.”  But I really think it’s something much more than that.  I’m captivated by it not because it’s some kind of novelty, but because it’s something great, something good, true, and beautiful.  And it’s a mystery… something that can be delved into perhaps endlessly.

I think I’m leaning toward one of these for head-covering.  I like the eyelet, and it will be cool in summer.

I feel sorry for all the wildlife around here.  It’s been so mild of late that all the plants and animals think it’s Spring.  But it could very well snow in March or April!  It must be confusing.  I just hate to see flowers get killed by cold after blooming so beautifully.

I wish I had some binoculars or a telescope so I could go out, find a dark spot, and track down Comet Lulin as it swings by on its way back into space.

This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent.  I wonder what lessons and developments await me this Lent…