I meant to comment on this earlier.  Now it’s gotten even better (and by “better,” I mean more absurd and appalling).

The UK’s liberal Catholic magazine, The Tablet, has slung mud at Father Timothy Finigan (of The Hermeneutic of Continuity) for ruthlessly foisting the TLM on his poor oppressed parishioners.  (Never mind that only 1 of the parish’s 4 Sunday Masses is in the Extraordinary Form.)

That’s the good part.

The better part is that after Father Finigan posted a detailed response to the article, presenting his side of the story, The Tablet demanded that he remove his post because it quoted the article in its entirety and allegedly violated copyright law!  I’m no copyright law expert, but I think Father Finigan’s post actually fell within fair use.  The Tablet just wants to censor him and keep the story one-sided.  Or maybe, in their hearts of hearts, they are ashamed of the nasty article and they don’t want it disseminated all over the world in its full glory.

Gosh.  So much for the freedom-loving, tolerance-touting liberal media!

In any case, Father Finigan has posted a “legally compliant version” of his response to the article.

Be sure to go read it if you haven’t already.

Also read Father Z’s reporting on this story.

And Father Finigan’s paper, “Sacred and Great: Traditional Liturgy in a Modern Parish,” which he wrote in response to some of his parishioners’ concerns.

For my part, I’d just like to share my personal favorite bit of the article:

Several said their adult children vowed never to go to the church again, such was their unhappiness with the liturgy. “People who have been away from church come back at Christmas and Easter and are totally put off. It is so sad,” said Jean Gray.

Boohoohoooo!!!  Those poor grown-ups who only go to church on Christmas and Easter!  And then act as if they have a right to be unhappy with the liturgy!  And their poor parents who feel sorry for them and blame that wicked old parish priest for putting off their little darlings!

If I didn’t know better, I’d think that quotation was from a “fake news” satire.  I mean, are you kidding me?!  Maybe if those C&E types would have been more constant in their Mass-going during the time in which Father introduced the new liturgy, they wouldn’t have been so put off.  Or why didn’t they just attend one of the Ordinary Form Masses Father offers?  The article and the folks grinding the axes really make it sound like they’re trapped animals.  What a joke! What a ridiculous, pathetic, public, worldwide joke!  Have those people no shame?

Well, I applaud Father Finigan for his efforts and pray that the Lord will bless him and his entire parish richly.  And will grant special graces of conversion and repentance to those who have disrespected not only Father, but also the majority of their fellow parishioners by dragging them into this mud pit.  And will cause more Father Finigans and Blackfen parishes to pop up rapidly all over the world!  In my humble opinion, the liberals have asked for it.  Let ’em have it!