Seminarian Matthew of A Catholic Life (whose blogging we dearly miss), has requested that this announcement be propagated throughout the blogosphere.  It sounds like a pretty neat way to study the faith!

Special Offer: Catechism Lessons

Weekly Catechism Program
Kindergarten through Adult Education

When it comes to the religious education, the spiritual formation, and the moral guidance of our Catholic Youth, set out to provide not just a digital road map, but a veritable itinerary for a cyberspace Journey to the Heavenly Father. provides a trustworthy and highly integrated religious education program:

* K through 12, Adult Education, RCIA
* Lectionary driven
* Catechism based
* Authentic, orthodox Catholic
* Fifty two weeks a year
* Weekly online lessons
* Comprehensive Catholic catechesis also provides:

* Built in accountability
* Freedom to work at home
* Constantly updated links
* Student-centered material
* Maximum flexibility for whole families and individual members
* Most efficient and effective way to meet everyone’s Catholic responsibilities

A parent or pastor could accept participation in this program as fulfillment of their Canonical and conscientious responsibility for the (orthodox) Catholic rearing of young people.

Previously part of, is now a separate website dedicated exclusively to providing catechetical nourishment to the People of God. Three years ago on March 1, 2006, EWTN even featured a presentation on the work of

However, with the recent economic downturn and in light of the need for spiritual food for souls, is offering a 20% discount off of any of their programs for anyone who signs up with the discount code: acatholiclife.

Please take advance of this offer and receive excellent catechetical presentations for all ages! Spread the word of this offer!