Finally, I was able to get back to the TLM this morning!  My longing has been satisfied.  I loved it even more this time than last time.  Still a little lost at times, but getting better!

My new Angelus Press hand-missal arrived yesterday–just in time!  It’s a glorious book that shall be near and dear to my heart from now on!  Thanks to Seminarian Matthew‘s knowledgeable advice, I was able to obtain one for $42 (including shipping) from Our Lady of the Rosary Library.  That is an amazingly good price for such a beautiful and well-made book!  It is a real treasure trove.  It not only includes the Mass texts, but many, many other prayers and instructional writings, and the rites for various blessings and the Sacraments.

Thanks to my hand-missal, I was able to follow the Ordinary of the Mass pretty well, and the prayers after Mass.  At times, I just watched.  I love the solemn, orderly, ceremonial nature of how the priest celebrates, and the servers assist at, the Mass.  All the gestures and movements.  Down to the way the priest holds his forefingers and thumbs together after the Consecration.  I’m sure that some may consider such things insignificant or even empty.  But honoring such details shows respect, attentiveness, and composure.  Does the liturgy not deserve these qualities?  Honoring the rubrics also underscores the true universality and timelessness of the liturgy.  Never mind how the progressivist, inclusivist, do-whatever-feels-good types define universality–the TLM gets it right.

I should be receiving my veil soon.  I ordered this one, but with white lace instead of black.