Sometimes, no matter how much my soul yearns to pray, words just don’t come to me.  I’m such a word-based person that times like that can torment me to no end.

Fortunately, I have a remedy.  It’s hanging on my wall: a Crucifix.  When I am feeling desolate at my lack of words, I simply take the Crucifix from my wall.  I hold it in my hands.  I gaze closely at the Corpus: the nails, the crown of thorns, the laceration in His side.  I kiss the wounds and the wood of the Cross.  I cradle it against my shoulder.  I walk with it.  I weep over it.  I empty out my heart and soul.  No words.  Just touch and tears.

I’m always surprised by how effective it is.  To hold that Crucifix is something truly powerful.  It’s no wonder that Saints are often shown with a Crucifix in their hands:

st-rose-of-lima st-aloysius-gonzaga st-rita-of-cascia

Those are just a few I knew of off the top of my head.

Crucifixes are, in general, a very powerful reminder to have in one’s home (they aren’t just for churches!).  I have my Crucifix hanging in my living room, directly opposite the chair I almost always sit in, over my book shelves and near my TV.  It is always in front of me.  If I raise my eyes from my computer right now, I see the Crucifix.  I also have a small crucifix in my kitchen, because I do lots of housework in there–washing dishes, cooking, doing laundry.  I can always use a little inspiration while doing housework!

That has a real effect on my life.  It makes me mindful of Christ at all times.  It reminds me that I am always before His eyes.  And that while he was hanging on the Cross, dying an excruciating death, He saw me then too, as He did all of us.  We were in His mind the whole time.  We were the reason He suffered and died.  He did it so that we might share eternal life with Him.

If you don’t already have a Crucifix in your home, I highly recommend it.  It will make a difference.  It will keep you close to Him!  It will help you pray when words don’t come.

(Saint images from the SQPN Saints’ image galleries)