It’s funny how things “just happen.”  Remember when I spoke of feeling bewildered and isolated?  Just now, this quotation popped up in my email:

“The isolation of my soul, the constant and painful injuries caused by those who are hostile or indifferent, especially when they are near and dear to me, the sadness of feeling unequal to the great task to be accomplished, the sufferings of my heart, the difficulties of my life, the misery of my physical weakness – this is the rugged soil, my God, in which Thou wilt cause joy to grow.”
~~ Elisabeth Leseur

That sure does put things in perspective.

Elisabeth Leseur… what a lady, what a Catholic, what a heroine!  Against huge odds, her love and long suffering transformed her husband, Felix, from a militant atheist to a Dominican priest.  And that’s just part of the story.

This reminds me that I really need to acquire a copy of her diary.  And pray for her beatification and canonization.