(courtesy LOLsaints)

Dear, dear St. Joseph.  This solemnity’s for you!

We may not know anything that you said, but we know and cherish all that you did.  All those sleepness nights you must have had–and the fact that you provided well for the Christ Child and the Blessed Mother notwithstanding any difficulty.  The fact that you acted on God’s will without question or hesitation.

Your silence–the lack of protest and complaint–speaks volumes.

So does your long list of patronages, which includes the Catholic Church and the Second Vatican Council, as well as fathers, families, happy and holy death, house hunters, and workers.

You are a great father to us all, and we commend all of our fathers–biological, adoptive, and spiritual–to your prayers, as well as the state of, and vocation to, fatherhood.  Heaven know it can use help in our society.  May all men look to you as a role model!