I don’t mind at all when folks who disagree with me leave comments on my posts.  I blog because I enjoy discussion and ideas.  I’d get awfully bored if my blog were just a great big monologue for myself.  Yes, it can be helpful and cathartic for me for write what’s on my mind–we all need our expressive outlets, and writing is mine.  But I prefer that it generates responses.

I love to receive the kind, witty, smart, encouraging, and compassionate responses from my friends and fellow Catholics.  I love knowing I’m not as alone and isolated as I sometimes feel.  Of course, even we Catholics find plenty of room for debate among ourselves!  That’s one of the things I love about Catholicism.  It’s so rich and diverse.  It’s so intellectual and well-reasoned… and yet there is still plenty of intriguing and enthralling mystery involved too.  God hasn’t simply laid everything out on a silver platter for us.  He makes us use our minds.  And different minds sometimes come to different conclusions.  And we are the Universal Church–made up of people from all places, times, cultures, races, economic standings… it is inevitable that there will be differences.

And then there are the non-Catholic commentors who happen by sometimes.  People of other faith traditions or none.  Worldly, secular people.  Some of whom have no great esteem for Catholicism.  People who have vastly different world-views than mine.  I count more than a few such people as friends–and very dear ones.  I love having discussions with them too!

But this latter category of commentors is where I have been greatly disappointed and frustrated regarding commentary on my blog.  Folks who are at great variance with me on issues may leave comments… but they almost never actually comment on what I write or share!  They will give me their positions–most of which I’m already quite familiar with, because they are positions I’ve held myself at one time or another, within rather recent years.  In a way I can totally relate to them.  I tend to feel a huge understanding… and compassion for them.

It’s fine for people to tell me where they stand.  But when that is all they do, it merely amounts to a parallel monologue, rather than a conversation.  This is especially frustrating when they comment on Catholic matters and concerns.  If you are going to come to a Catholic blog and comment on a Catholic subject… don’t you think you should do a little more than state your own, non-Catholic opinion?  As if you are simply trying to proselytize me?  You’re welcome to try to proselytize me, but it’s not enough.  Tie your comments in to my posts somehow: explain why my position is wrong… question me… give me additional evidence to consider… do something!

I will usually to rope them into an exchange of ideas… but they never respond.  Clearly these are “drive-by comments.”  They’re pretty darn rude and just make me wonder how secure and confident people really are in their beliefs and positions.  It’s pretty clear they aren’t open to mine or up for being challenged.

I hate to assume the worst of all commentors, but I’m getting tired of my fruitless attempts to engage them.  I keep thinking that maybe just one will meet me halfway and respond to me.  But I’m just about ready to start ignoring and deleting any comment that doesn’t directly tie into what I’ve written.

And to all my good, reliable, fun, informative, and interesting commentors:  keep up the good work!  I love you guys!   Seriously!  You make the whole blogging endeavor worthwhile!  :D