As you probably know, the University of Notre Dame, the most renowned and presitigious Catholic university in the U.S., has offered President Obama the great honor of delivering this year’s commencement address and of receiving an honorary Doctor of Law degree.

To say that some of President Obama’s policies are at odds with Catholic teaching would be an understatement.  This is painfully clear where life issues such as abortion and embryonic stem cell research and harvesting are concerned.

Catholic Vote, which continues to be a valuable and informative resource now that the big election is over, recommends the following responses:

1) has partnered with the Cardinal Newman Society, a dynamic organization dedicated to the renewal of Catholic higher education in establishing Together our aim is to collect thousands of signatures and present them to University officials.  Sign the petition now.

2) Contact Notre Dame and charitably express your outrage. is large enough to have a major impact, and we urge you to contact Notre Dame President Father Jenkins at (574) 631-5000.

3) Join your fellow members in a prayer of reparation on May 17 from 2-4 PM. We encourage you to organize local groups to pray for mercy for the decision by Notre Dame, but also for our nation for continuing to permit the tragedy of abortion.

***If you live in the Midwest, or near Notre Dame University, we invite you to personally join us in prayer at the Grotto on the campus of Notre Dame from 2-4 PM on May 17, where we will be joined by several Notre Dame professors, alumni, and current students. The gathering will be a peaceful and prayerful.

4) Please forward this message to your family and friends. Let them know about Notre Dame’s decision to honor the most pro-abortion President in American history. We must not remain silent over this scandal!