What a wonderful close to the work week!

I did attend the Stations of the Cross at Church, followed by Adoration and Benediction, followed by a beautiful concert!  It was a beautiful, peaceful evening.  The concert was a great delight!  Several of Hugo Wolf’s beautiful Mörike Lieder, followed by a premier performance of a brand new Requiem composed by a young man named Thomas Schwan, a very gifted SMU student.  It was gorgeous–elegant, gentle, and ethereal.  In addition to the organ and a soprano soloist, the Requiem also included a cello.  I absolutely adore the combination of organ and cello–I fell in love with it when listening to Duruflé’s Requiem.  Plus, the cello holds a special place in my heart because my sister plays the cello.  :)

Also, my veil arrived, and it’s even more beautiful than expected!  :D  I’ll post some photos when I am feeling more photogenic.  I did try it on and experiment with different ways of wearing it–it has ties so that you can tie it underneath or behind your head.  But I actually just like wearing it draped loosely, in the mantilla style.  It does not slip at all!  I was a little worried about keeping it in place, but it turns out that it will not be a problem.  I am glad I opted for the cotton eyelet, instead of lace.  Not just because it doesn’t slip, but also because it has a very simple, crisp look–not frilly, but still very pretty and feminine.  The lace trim does give it a little bit of softness.

For now, at least, I think I will wear it just to the TLM.  However, last night when I went to the Stations of the Cross, I sort of wished I had worn it.  For one thing, the statues in the church had been draped in violet, which gave an especially sombre feeling to the space… and for some reason, that just made me wish I had my veil with me so I could cover my head.  And then I realized there was to be Adoration.  That also struck me as an occasion when one should cover her head.

All of this made me think that I might also wear the veil to the Triduum Masses.  I would like to do something a little special on those most solemn observances and most sacred nights of the year.