I went to the early-morning TLM today.  I wore my veil for the first time.  I was a little self-conscious, but not nearly as self-conscious as I felt being one of the only ladies without a head-cover!  It made me feel beautiful… but not in a showy, prideful way.  A hidden, private way, between God and me.

I love the early-morning Mass so much that I’ve changed my work schedule!  I’ve rediscovered how peaceful the morning is.  And I find I have lots more energy during the day when I get up early and go to sleep early.  Or maybe that’s just what happens when you start your day with Mass and Communion.

This evening I returned to church for Confession.  While I waited, I was enchanted by the visual and auditory beauty withing the church.  It was near sunset, and the stained glass windows had a beautiful, rosy-gold glow.  One of the choirs was rehearsing a beautiful arrangement of O filii et filiae.  I felt like I was in another world… or rather beyond any world.

Next week is Holy Week!  Time for the final push to make the most of this season!  Time for greater vigilance than ever, vigilance against sin and vigilance for our Lord!  Now is the time to get your precious immortal soul into a state of grace.  If you’ve already done that, then do your utmost to keep it there.  Let’s show the devil that we are the light of the world, as our Lord said.  Let our souls be lights shining in the night, purer and more radiant than sunlight.

Let us prepare ourselves.  Let us prepare the way of the Lord.

Oh, I’m so excited!  But I must get to sleep now!