I’ve been meaning to “plug” this wonderful local apostolate for a while now:  The Theology of the Body Evangelization Team (TOBET)!

If this name sounds familiar, I have mentioned it before here.

I’m a member of one of the study groups, and they are so awesome!  We get together every week, have food and wine, listen to talks on Theology of the Body and related topics, and have discussions and share stories.  It’s a nice little getaway during the week for good Catholic fellowship and study.  I’m learning so much–and loving it!

Teaching and passing on the Theology of the Body is a huge key to transforming our Church and our society.  Please consider supporting TOBET!  The speakers are excellent–if you ever need somebody to give a talk on Theology of the Body, you can contact them via their Web site.

Please keep them in your prayers too!