"Unique Heart" by WolfS♡ul…how much I believe in You?

…how much I love You?

…how amazed and humbled I am when I think of Your goodness, greatness, splendor, and power?

…how consoled and comforted I am in Your constant love, mercy, strength, and protection?

…how grateful I am that You have never abandoned me, but have saved me, taken me back to Yourself, and brought me home to Your Church?

…how happy and blessed I am in the wonderful family and friends with whom You have populated my life?

…how delighted and full of wonder I am at Your beautiful creation?

…how confident and trusting I am in Your generosity and providence?

…how astonished I am at Your conception, birth, life, teaching, passion, death, and resurrection?

…how greatly I need and desire to stay close by Your side and know You better?

…how hopeful I am that I may spend eternity with You?

(photo by Flickr user WolfS♡ul)