Sadly, they are joined in scandalizing the Catholic faithful and making a public disgrace of Catholic teaching and Catholic education.

Thanks to reader Lexington for alerting me to this.  (With my emphases and comments):

Pro-Abortion Journalist Chris Matthews to Offer Commencement Address at Catholic St. Joseph’s University

[As you may recall, Chris Matthews is the MSNBC anchor/host who said that an Obama speech sent a thrill up his leg.  He has also said that part of his job as a journalist is to make sure that the Obama presidency succeeds.  Can somebody tell me when that became part of a journalist’s job?  Anyway, that’s the person this is about.  Oh, but it gets much “better”…]

By Kathleen Gilbert

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania, April 3, 2009 ( – Undeterred by the Notre Dame scandal, another Catholic University has invited a pro-abortion celebrity to address the school and receive an honorary degree at this year’s graduation ceremony. [I wonder what the exact timing was.  Surely, they didn’t issue this invitation after seeing the reaction to the Notre Dame scandal?  If they did, then that makes it doubly scandalous in a way.  It’s like they’re trying to provoke a reaction.  That’s not cool.  But maybe it didn’t happen that way.  Of course, the invitation itself is scandalous and disgraceful no matter what.]

St Joseph’s University of Philadelphia announced in March that political commentator Chris Matthews, a vocal proponent of abortion, is due to offer the commencement address and receive an honorary doctorate in communications at the 2009 Commencement ceremonies on Saturday, May 16. [As at Notre Dame, it’s not just a really nice speaking engagment.  Matthews is being made an honorary member of that Catholic university “family.”]

Despite his avowed identity as a Roman Catholic, Matthews is known for his strong support of legalized abortion. [OK, this is even more scandalous and offensive to Catholic teaching than Obama’s pro-abortion stance.  Obama isn’t Catholic, nor does he claim to be.  He should still know better, but it’s not the same as if he held that stance as a professed Catholic.]

Matthews recently sparked criticism on the March 2 edition of his program, MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” for a statement comparing pro-life advocates to terrorists. [More and more outrageous still!  He’s comparing many of his fellow Catholics (you know, the ones who actually practice the faith) to terrorists!  And still he has the nerve to identify himself as one of us.  How can someone be Catholic and anti-Catholic at the same time?  How can he possibly be in communion with the Catholic Church when he not only defies Church teaching but is also so hostile to the faithful?  And so needlessly so?  It doesn’t matter if he says he’s Catholic.  He’s not.  By his words and deeds, he has betrayed our faith.  To be Catholic in truth, he will need to seek reconciliation.  And I sincerely pray, for his own sake, that he does.]

Referring to the Senate confirmation of Kathleen Sebelius, President Obama’s radically pro-abortion pick to head the Dept. of Health and Human Services, Matthews asked Lois Romano of the Washington Post, “Is she gonna get through the terrorism of the anti-abortion people?” [Seriously, Mr. Matthews?  You’ve uncovered some diabolical plot on the part of us anti-abortion people to terrorize Sibelius?  I’d like to see some proof.]

Matthews went on to complain about the possibility that Sebelius’ connections to notorious late-term abortionist George Tiller could slow up the Senate proceedings. [Slow up?  In a good and just society, Sibelius never would have been nominated to head the HHS.  But I guess that’s not the kind of society we live in.]

In 2003, when Matthews was honored at commencement ceremonies at both Holy Cross College of Massachusetts and the University of Scranton, the bishops of both Catholic schools – Worcester Bishop Daniel P. Reilly and Scranton Bishop James Timlin – boycotted the ceremonies. [Oh.  So St. Joseph’s University is only the latest Catholic university to honor Matthews.  The bishops clearly thought it was preposterous those other two times.  So why is it happening again?! What is going on?  Somebody do something!  Make it stop!]

The office of Philadelphia’s Cardinal Rigali, who heads the pro-life arm of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, did not have immediate comment. [I hope His Eminence says something soon, and very strongly.  He ought to be our primary pro-life champion among the U.S. bishops.]

St. Joseph’s University did not immediately return calls from seeking comment.

To contact St. Joseph’s University:
Timothy R. Lannon, S.J.
Office of the President
Saint Joseph’s University
5600 City Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19131-1395
University operator: 610-660-1000

Am I the only person who is finding all of this a bit bewildering? I know I’m still (somewhat) new to the wide, wonderful world of being Catholic in America.  But this is all hitting me like a ton of bricks.

It’s so disappointing that any Catholic school should honor any supporter of abortion… especially a professed Catholic… who is clearly biased in favor of Pres. Obama. Actually, I think “biased” might be an understatement in Matthews’ case. I think he’s literally crazy about Obama. Why, why, why is he being honored at any Catholic school? Much less at more than one? Matthews was also honored in 2007 by Villanova University, and in that year there were 11 other Catholic schools with pro-abortion speakers and (usually) honorary degree recipients, according to this list.

The only good thing about the Notre Dame debacle is that it is opening my eyes. Unfortunately, it’s opening my eyes to a shameful and hideous spectacle.

And now I feel pretty sure that Notre Dame and St. Joseph’s are not the only two.

St. Thomas Aquinas, Patron of Catholic Education, pray for us!  And Our Lady and St. Joseph too!  Gosh, it’s like people are slinging mud at the Holy Family!  These aren’t just names of schools!  :(