Profound silence falls over the world when Christ, the Word of God, descends to the realm of the dead.  My heart is close to bursting with prayer and supplication… desperate to fill the silence and the void.

Despair is closer than ever, easier than ever, on this day.

And yet a small spring of hope still wells forth in the heart’s deepest, darkest recesses.

For the realm of the dead cannot confine Him who is Life Itself, Him through whom all life was created.  And even now, in the deepest, darkest recesses of the universe, He is very much alive and constantly at work, reviving and liberating the souls of the just from all previous ages, all the way back to Adam and Eve.

Our silence is their jubilation.  Our closeness to despair’s chilling breath is their hope and their breath of life.  He whose empty body we on Earth saw laid in a tomb is the living and mighty champion of those in the underworld.

And even for us, Easter’s promise, so close at hand and sensible, sends up that little rivulet of hope.