Dear readers, please kindly continue to keep my father in your prayers as he continues his battle with cancer.

4 new tumors have developed; 3 in the chest area and 1 in his brain.

The good news is that the three in the chest area are close together and not in any of the major organs.  Dad will soon begin radiation therapy to get rid of those.  The one in the brain should be treatable too with gamma knife surgery–this has been very effective in treating previous brain tumors.

He has 9 doctors and medical technicians working to keep on top of the cancer.  Please keep them in your prayers too!

I know how very good God is!  I trust in Him.  And in the power of prayer!

Please also keep in mind a couple of  “special intentions” of mine, if you would.  I don’t really feel like specifying them in public, but could still really use the prayers.

You all are in my prayers every day!  :)