I just felt like saying that!  :)  Because it’s true.

I’ve been going through one of those phases when I find myself besieged by lots of things which, individually, seem pretty trivial and silly.  It’s amazing how quickly things can overwhelm me and tip my world off its axis.  I get a kind of tunnel vision that only sees the negative in things.

But you know, there is always a way out.  I am never trapped.  Yesterday, when I’d just about reached the end of my rope, I went to church, went to Confession, attended Mass, and received Holy Communion.  And I came out of church as a completely new person. As usual, the priest was able to help me put things back in proper perspective and remember how very good the Lord has been to me.

I’m still amazed at the simple and yet profound power found within the Church.  For the life of me, I can’t understand why I ever left her.  I don’t know what I would do or where I would be without her.  Truly.  I shudder to think.  And when I think of all the people out there who are without her, whether by choice or not, my heart goes out to them.  My heart wants to go out and embrace every one of them and draw them home!

God Himself is there.  Love and Life are there in all truth and purity, goodness and beauty.  Oh, if only all souls knew what and, more importantly Whom, they could find in a Catholic church!

Our society is increasingly trying to shut God and Church out of the public square.  I hate to see that happen.  But if, or when it does, hope won’t be defeated.  Hopefully, many people begin to realize what and Whom they are missing.  And hopefully they will seek Him out.  And when they do, they ought to find Him in our midst.

This is the time for Catholics to unite, to be of one heart and mind, to truly be one Body.  This is the time for us to get serious and hold fast to our tradition.  This is the time for us to embrace our identity, even if it sets us at odds with some.  This is the time for us to say, “Here we are, and we want you to come and find your home with us!”  This is the time to remove all the bushel baskets and let our light shine into to the world, so that people may give glory to God.  The beacon of the Church will attract enemies.  But it will also attract seekers of goodness, truth, and beauty.

As I can testify from my own personal experience, God miraculously transforms bad things into good.  The more darkness and evil are in the world, the more light and grace come to be.  Time and time again, it proves true!

Let us not fall into that awful tunnel vision that sees only bad.  Let us remember: God is so good! And if we have trouble keeping sight of that, let us avail ourselves of what our Church offers us–nothing less than God Himself!