Today is the first day of my fifth year as a practicing Catholic.  What better way to launch it than with Confession?

I really needed it, actually.  I’ve been under attack for about the last week.  Waging war with some ugly and distressing things.

Whenever I’m besieged by the devil, I feel pretty sure that I’m doing something right.  And right now, that something is approaching my temporary profession as a Dominican this coming Sunday.

It’s only to be expected, of course.  The last thing the devil needs is one more person with “OP” after their name running around.  Hahahaha!

Seriously, though, please remember me in your prayers.

And now, here’s a great Dominican photo:

Dominican meets penguin

From Son Rise Morning Show, via American Papist.  Who says only Franciscans have feathered friends?

Here’s another, from Godzdogz:

Br. Ursus and the Paschal candle

Br. Ursus says, “Remember: it’s still Easter!”