Tomorrow, Sunday 17 May, I will be making my temporary profession to the Order of Preachers.  Having come through training as an inquirer and then a novice, I will be making a firmer pledge and commitment to live according to the rule of the Dominican Laity.  I will receive a small white scapular.  I will receive the privilege of including the “OP” designation after my name.

But I will be thinking much more about what I can give and what I can do as a Lay Dominican.  This blog will stay around.  In fact, this blog will likely take on a greater significance as I embark on the apostolic mission of the Order to preach to all the ends of the earth.

I can tell you that I have some other projects brewing in my head, including at least one additional blog.  It will be devoted to issues of creation, stewardship, the welfare of animals and other creatures, and man’s proper role in it all.  My aim is to provide an authentic Catholic alternative to the secular environmentalism and related movements that are sweeping our nation and our world and that are so wound up in paganism and liberalist agendas.  I want to show a better, higher, truer way.  At the moment, I have much to learn on the issues myself.  If anybody can help me out, if anybody can recommend resources, or if anybody can point me to good Catholic blogs with the same or similar aims… it would be much appreciated.  I don’t want to re-create the wheel, after all!  Although there’s no content there yet, you can see what the new blog will look like.

I’m still planning to create a work about and dedicated to St. Dominic, my beloved spiritual father.  I want to help everybody to know him as I do, to know him as he is.  That too is in its very early, preparatory stages.  I’m not even sure what form it will take.

Of course, tomorrow is also the big day for Pres. Obama and Notre Dame.  I will always remember that this debacle coincided with my profession day.  I wonder if that means something…  I don’t believe in coincidences.

I just saw a report on a local news program about it, and it made me want to bang my head on my desk repeatedly.  They were talking about the pro-lifers protesting the president’s coming to give a speech.  They aired an incredibly disingenuous, very innocuous-sounding statement from some ND spokesman about how the university and Catholic values are not threatened by the president coming to give a speech, and that the university is open to all kinds of thinking, including the president’s.  GAH!  Among the protesters they showed were Dr. Alan Keyes, two cassock-clad priests, and various other men and women, all of them quietly and calmly praying the Rosary.  But of course they just had to include a police officer remarking on how some of the protesters have gotten out of hand.  GAAAHH!

I’ll tell you what’s gotten out of hand–Catholic universities honoring pro-abortion public figures, then publicly lying about it, making it sound like they’re only providing an open forum for ideas and that any protesters are just censorship-loving meanies and/or crazy fringe elements.  The report also mentioned that none of the protestors shown were students.  They made no mention at all of the pro-life, faithful Catholic students who are holding their own protests and even boycotting their own commencement ceremony!

Oh…  Lord, please just bring a great deal of good from this situation!  And please help me to do my part, whatever it may be!