What a blessed and beautiful day this has been!  Even the weather’s been perfect!

I’m a “full-grown” Lay Dominican now!  :D


Here is me with our religious promoter Father Robinson, our vice-moderator Annette Butler, and our moderator Bill Malloy.

Note my small white scapular.

The profession occurred following the homily at Mass.  It’s very simple, but quite beautiful.  The vice-moderator presented me to the community.  The moderator asked, “My sister, what do you request?” and I replied, “To make a commitment in the family of St. Dominic.”

The moderator then said:

Dear sister, by your own choice, you seek to make temporary commitment in the family of St Dominic. With us, you have shared all the rights, benefits, charisms, and responsibilities. Always remember that as a member of the Dominican Order, you participate in the apostolic mission of the Order through your constant prayer, study, and preaching according to the state of the laity. With God’s help, you must live with your mind and your heart the counsels in the Gospels, the Rule, and the Directory of our Dominican family.

Then I said:

To the honor of Almighty God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and of St. Dominic, I, Heather Barrett, before you the Moderator of this chapter and Father Robinson the religious promoter, representing the Master of the Order of Friars Preachers, promise to live according to the Rule of the Dominican Laity for three years.

Father blessed the scapular, and the moderator placed it over my shoulders, saying:

My sister, receive this scapular. Always wear it and let it remind you to live the Dominican charism, to preach the message of Jesus’ love through your thoughts, words, deeds, and life.

Finally, Father said this blessing:

Father in Heaven, source of holiness and true purpose, together with our sister, we praise you. We dedicate her to you. May she be faithful in working with all the Dominican friars, nuns, sisters, and lay people in glorifying your Name. May she be the living gospel of our Lord, Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, forever and ever. Amen.

I like the phrase, “May she be the living gospel of our Lord…”  It captures the spirit, and also the gravitas, of being a Dominican.

I’m so happy and excited!  :D