Where I live and in many other places, the awesome Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord, which is always supposed to fall 40 days after Easter Sunday, and hence on a Thursday, gets “transferred” to the following Sunday, which is supposed to be observed as the 7th Sunday of Easter, Sundays always being their own solemnities.

I’m sure our bishops must have their reasons for doing this, but… well…

Is it wrong of me to feel cheated?

This is supposed to be a special, momentous week!  Two great solemnities, two holy days of obligation, in one week!  To me, that’s like hitting the jackpot!  So why on earth do the days have to be switched around and the obligation dropped for one of them?  Why does Ascension Thursday suddenly have to be mutated into Ascension Sunday?  And why don’t people have to observe the 7th Sunday of Easter?

Is it so impossible for people to attend Mass one extra day this week?  If they truly aren’t able, then they are dispensed from the obligation.  No worries.  If they don’t give a flying fig about it, then how likely are they to give a flying fig about attending Mass period?

Is it wrong of me to feel like this is an instance of catering to those who don’t care while starving those who hunger after the feasts of the Church?

Part of me thinks I must be misunderstanding something… but what?  What am I missing here?

Somebody explain it to me, because I’m pretty freaked out by Sunday becoming Thursday, and Thursday becoming Sunday, only it’s not treated like Sunday when it’s Thursday…


I’m going to the TLM.