When God takes you down a peg, He then lifts you up again, sooner or later, one way or another.

I went to Confession and Mass this evening.  Even after Confession, and even during Mass I was still struggling with my silly pride and discontent.  I certainly didn’t receive the very noticeable consolations I usually receive after Confession.  I know we can’t always expect those.  But I’ve never felt so overwhelmed and still so caught in the heat of battle after Confession.  It really threatened to get me down… way down.  I was even tempted to doubt the power of the Sacrament.

I was distracted will into Mass.  The harder I tried to focus and pay attention, the more viciously the distractions and temptations vied for my attention.

Things got better when Father gave his homily, though.  He spoke about Christ’s mandate to preach to the ends of the earth and told us that that mandate is still in effect today, for each and every one of us.  Naturally, of course, this was very near and dear to my Dominican heart!  It rallied and helped to re-focus my spirit.  It helped me remember what my life is all about–all of our lives, but mine in a special way.  As happens rather frequently, I heard God speaking through our priest.  And today, I felt that He was reaching out to me in a particular and special way.

But what really got to me was Communion.  After I received Communion, I felt like my sense of gratitude was restored.  My heart welled over with gratitude!  And as I always say, gratitude can heal any ill.  Gratitude puts all things in proper perspective.  Gratitude hammers discontent, envy, self-pity, disobedience, pride, and all other negative tendencies into the ground.  Gratitude banishes demons.  Gratitude calls forth the comfort and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Gratitude brings us into the company of the Saints.

And what can bring about gratitude the way Holy Communion can?  What is there for which to be more grateful than our Lord’s gift of Himself?

After Communion, I felt soooo much better.  I felt like myself again.  Finally, I feel like I’ve been able to shake off and overcome my difficulties.  But not I myself.  It depended entirely on God and His providence.

All thanks and praise to God for His love, mercy, and care!