Looking for an audio version of the Divine Office?  Don’t have it in print form?

Check out DivineOffice.org for Divine Office podcasts.  The site is free to use and is created and run by volunteers.

Click along the top on the prayer you want, and it will take you to a page that contains an audio link, a guide for following along in either the 4-volume Liturgy of the Hours set or the 1-volume Christian Prayer, and an outline with some excerpts from the texts.

They offer iPhone apps for you iPhone users out there.

It does appear to be a work in progress; some of today’s prayers are not available yet.  But I’m sure that the staff are dedicated to making it more complete.

I personally have not yet entirely gotten into podcasts; I prefer reading to listening.  But I think this is a good idea and a worthwhile endeavor.  I am all for spreading the Divine Office in whatever way possible!