I apologize again for not writing much lately.  I may be silent, but I am not idle.  I’ve hit a rather dry, rough patch in my spiritual life.  These are never easy, nor much fun.  But they always turn out to be worthwhile.

Whenever I have times like this, I’m reminded of this verse from the Book of Hosea where God says of Israel:

“Therefore, behold, I will allure her,
and bring her into the wilderness,
and speak tenderly to her.”
(Hosea 2:14)

The desolation I feel is only an illusion. I know that God is near, Maple seedling growthspeaking to me in depths of my soul, so deeply that I simply cannot sense it. But who knows what seeds he may be planting there?  Just like plant seeds, they take time and nurturing to grow and come to fruition.

It’s tempting for us to get impatient, to harden ourselves about those seeds and crush them.  It is tempting to grow cross toward God, who would lovingly, patiently, mysterious bring about their unfolding.  This is what can easily happen if we let the seeming desolation get to us and turn us cold.

Our spiritual lives have seasons just as the material world does.  There is a time for planting and a time for harvesting.  There is a time for dryness and a time for lushness.  These spiritual seasons may not always be as measured and predictable as the physical seasons.  But they are written in God’s mind and He provides for them as need be.

There can be no harvest, no fruits, without the planting of seeds.  Dryness can be good also, for too much dampness can bring about not lushness, but rot.

At times like these, we have to do our best to just lay ourselves open and allow God to plant the seeds and make them grow.  To trust in God’s wisdom and goodness, and look forward with joy and eagerness to what He will bring forth in us.

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