Beautifully captured in this editorial from the National Catholic Register.

My favorite line:

Thank you, priests, for sacrificing the fulfillment of “making it in the world” in order to give us a chance to make it in the next world.

Indeed, I don’t even know how well I would make it in this world without the care, guidance, and inspiration of our priests… much less the next world!

Deo gratias for all our priests!  Go read the whole article.

HT: one of my favorite blogging priests, Father Z!

[UPDATE]: Reading this also made me realize something important. Namely, that I don’t think I’ve ever properly thanked my own parish priest for all he does!  Duh!

So, I sent him a little letter via email.  I know that’s maybe not the most personal thing… but I’m not very good at speaking, especially when it’s something really important that I want to say.  And anyway, I just felt strongly compelled to say something right now.

I let him know that he helped spark my interest in the Dominican Order.  I heard him speak of it one time, a few years ago, really just in passing.  But it stayed with me and, unexpectedly enough, it opened a door for me that I might not have found otherwise, or at least, not as easily.  Funny how such small things can have such a huge impact!  He really does deserve thanks for helping me find my vocation.

I should probably send something to the priory as well.  How can I so easily overlook those closest to me?  Chalk it up to my being a total scatterbrain. [END UPDATE]