I just feel like I’m running and running, on empty… getting tangled up and bogged down… crashing into walls, usually of my own construction… So much noise and murkiness…

In short, my spiritual life seems to be at a chaotic dead end.

I need a break.  I need some quiet and some stillness.  I need to rid myself of all the junk and get reconnected with God and with the most essential, truly necessary things.  I need to blot out all the glare and focus on the eternal light, my guiding light.  I need to tune out all the noise, so much of it within my own head, and listen to and learn what God wills for me.  I need to break down the barriers and lay myself open to Him, both to receive from Him and give to Him, without any of my silly and finite expectations or opinions of what is best for me.  I need to know, or recall, who it is He means me to be and what it is He means me to do.

A private, silent retreat of some sort sounds incredible to me.

Can anybody recommend something that might help me?  I’m really not sure what all is available.  Or where to start looking.

I just want a beautiful, peaceful, spiritually nourishing environment.  One that is absolutely faithful to and supportive of the Catholic faith (none of those retreat houses that offer reiki, tai chi, Zen meditation, etc.!).  The Mass and Eucharistic Adoration are a must.

Meanwhile, I do have my Lay Dominican retreat coming up on 8 August (St. Dominic’s feast day!), and that’s nothing to sniff at.  I always look forward to our retreats, and they are always excellent.  The wonderful Father Philip Neri Powell, OP, of Hanc Aquam fame, gives our talks, and this time he will speak on “Faith, Science, and the Contemporary Catholic.”  It’s sure to be fascinating!

[UPDATE] Thanks for the suggestions – they all sound like good places for retreat!  I’m nowhere near deciding yet, although, at the moment, I’m feeling sort of attracted to this Dominican monastery. [/UPDATE]