A wonderful new apostolate, Oramus: We Pray, aims to help us express love for those around us in our everday lives whom we do not know.  Would that not include a vast majority of people around us?  And might it be that we are placed among them for a reason?


The vision statement:

The essence of the Christian life is passing along God’s love and blessings to those we find in our path. We love those with whom we live and work and play by sharing their daily lives, their joys and their trials. We love the needy in far off places through general prayer, and through contributions to those charities that aid them.

But how do we love and bless those in our own community that we do not know personally: those we see on the street, in the market, at the mall? Those who are well-dressed and well-fed, and in no obvious need? They, too, need the love and blessing of God. Some already have it; but what of those who do not know God? How, as Christians, can we love and bless them?

We Pray.

If asked, they would not accept our help; but through us they may receive the Lord’s blessing. And some few might choose to ask what we are doing, and why; and perhaps they will learn to know God themselves.

Even people who seem happy, well-off, and successful may be carrying around sorrows and pains we cannot see.  They may be going through ordeals we cannot imagine.  And that says nothing of all those who may be walking in darkness, in the shadow of death, or on the path to Hell.  Even when somebody is rude or mean to us, is it because they are bad people or because they are in distress about something we can’t guess at?

Whatever the case may be, here is a very simple little prayer:

Lord, bless him (or her) and keep him and make your face to shine upon him, that he may know how much you love him. And have mercy on me. Amen.

Who knows how we could impact the world if all of us prayed this little prayer for all the strangers we come across?  Or pray for them in other ways?

Personally, I like pray in public places so that, hopefully, I can call down God’s blessings and graces upon the place and everybody in it.  I pray at work sometimes.  I also pray while working out at the gym.  I pray in the church and priory, of course.  I pray outside.  I often pray if I am out shopping or eating or having coffee alone–which is usually the case.  It brings me peace and a sense of companionship, as well as blessing those around me.

But I will remember the above prayer and use it in an even more focused and personal way for individuals I encounter.

I highly recommend visiting their site.