This is one of my favorite feast days, dedicated to the Holy Cross that bore Christ in His last trial.  It is a powerful reminder to us that we too are to bear the cross given to us.

At this time of year, we tend to have forgotten last Good Friday (probably the last time we formally venerated the Cross), and we have not yet thought of next Good Friday.  So it’s probably no coincidence that the Church has given us this feast day roughly in between!  Don’t you love the liturgical calendar?

I’ve been struggling beneath my own little cross of late, which is why my blog has been so quiet.  I just haven’t been drawn to write lately, although I do still have future blog posts brewing in my mind.

Tomorrow, I’m going to the doctor first the first time in… way too long.  Hoping that maybe there is some amount of medical help available for what I’m going through.   It’s nothing serious, as far as I know.  But I do need help. I am always so nervous about going to the doctor… nervous about being examined and poked around… nervous about what I might be told.

This feast day does help me in its own way.  It reminds me that the cross is nothing to be hated and despised.  Rather, it is part of following in the Lord’s footsteps, which lead to life everlasting.

Alleluia, alleluia.
Sweet the wood, sweet the nails, sweet the load that hangs on thee: thou only wast worthy to bear the King and Lord of Heaven.
~Alleluia for the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (Angelus Press 1962 missal)

Lord, help me to bear my little cross bravely, generously, and joyfully!