I just wanted to announce Vocation Boom!, a new initiative dedicated to encouraging and supporting priestly vocations.  From the site:

Vocation Boom! is a non-profit initiative that is the fruit of more than twenty years of prayer and deliberation. It is a vision which began to take shape in the heart of Jerry Usher while he spent time in priestly formation from 1989 to 1995. Over the past two years, he and a few of his colleagues have been moving Vocation Boom! from idea to reality. Pope Benedict XVI’s recent proclamation of The Year for Priests is a confirmation of our intentions and as an indication that now is the time to unveil Vocation Boom!

We have assembled a team of passionate partners consisting of top Catholic professionals in business, marketing, media and content development, as well as Church leaders, including priests, bishops, and vocation directors committed to guiding us on our journey. And we ask that you prayerfully consider helping us with this important endeavor.

You may know Jerry Usher from his previous work hosting the Catholic Answers Live radio program.

I am pleased and proud that some efforts from my local Church went into this wonderful project.  The logo and the Web site were designed by a gentleman I know from my local parish and Lay Dominican community.  I think they look awesome!  He also directed the video, “I Will Give You Shepherds,” which includes some of our parish’s seminarians too!

[UPDATE] Julie tells me her husband contributed the layout, so there’s another local gent who deserves credit!

The site includes many more videos, helpful resources such as links to seminaries, educational and inspirational food for thought about the priesthood, and Jerry Usher’s blog.

I think this is a great project… I can hardly think of a more worthy cause!  We should definitely support it with our prayers and in any other way possible.

To begin with, please go visit the Vocation Boom! site, and spread the word!