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My visit to the doctor went all right on Tuesday; many thanks to all who have kept me in their thoughts and prayers.  Everything was normal in the physical exam, but the blood work may reveal hidden things.  They are checking for anemia and thyroid abnormalities that may be causing or contributing to fatigue and other depression-like symptoms.  These have been my main concerns.

I bravely faced 4 needles while there–and I do mean bravely, because needles scare the living daylights out of me!  Including a tetanus vaccine which has left my arm sore for nearly 3 days and made it very hard for me to sleep–because naturally, I have the habit of wanting to sleep on that arm!  I’ve been like walking death for the last couple of days.  But it’s over now.

Now, if the insurance company will just let me get my one prescription filled… that’s another story.  You wouldn’t think there would be a story.  Given how much I’ve paid them, you wouldn’t think they would make it a hassle to get one prescription filled.  SIGH.

I’m just glad that I’m getting a handle on my physical condition.  Honestly, I think I’ve blamed all of my problems on grief for too long, while ignoring the possibility of medical conditions–treatable conditions.  Not that I’m “over” the grief, but I fear it may have become a convenient scapegoat in some cases.  I never imagined that could happen.

The important thing is that I’m making an effort to make things better.  I just can’t stand everything being in shambles any more!  Hopefully, positive things will start happening in the near future.


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