A blessed All Saints Day to one and all!  I just love this feast day, because it helps turn our faces toward Heaven, toward our goal and destination.  It reminds us that we are never on our own.  It reminds us that the way of sanctity is not impossible.  It reminds us that there is so much to being human that is not bound and restricted to this world, to this vale of tears.  What a great blessing!

I feel especially blessed that I was born on this feast day!  I feel like I have the patronage of all the saints in Heaven!  It’s like winning a spiritual lottery.  :)  Heaven knows I can use all the help I can get.

It’s been such a beautiful day.  As always, I’ve been inundated with kind well wishes from family and friends–that’s the best part.  And some lovely gifts as well.  I’m now the proud owner of a Nintendo DS Lite in metallic rose–it’s the most adorable game system ever!  My beloved friend and past college roommate generously sent me several books from my Amazon wishlist: Questions and Answers by Pope Benedict ; The Privilege of Being a Woman by Dr. Alice von Hildebrand ; and Ironies of Faith: the Laughter at the Heart of Christian Literature by Anthony Esolen.

This morning, I went to All Saints Day Mass.  Our pastor had invited a priest who works at the local seminary to celebrate Mass for us and talk about priesthood and vocation.  He brought our 3 seminarians from our parish to serve at the Mass.  It is always wonderful to see them!  We’re so proud of them.

I also visited the old Calvary Cemetery, the original Catholic cemetery in Dallas.  It is not very large.  It’s mostly immigrant families.  I walked up and down it, praying my Rosary and reading the stones.  There were several priests and sisters buried there, and among them was our “martyr priest,” Fr. Jeffrey Hartnett.  In 1899, there was an epidemic of smallpox in the city.  Fr. Hartnett went to the “pesthouse” to care for the sick and dying victims.  He contracted the disease himself, and died.  Visiting his grave and reading his story really brought All Saints Day closer to home for me.

I was rather sad that I was the only living person in the cemetery–living in the earthly, mortal, physical sense.  I did not feel lonely at all.  As I quietly prayed my Rosary, I could almost hear the chorus of those souls whose flesh had returned to dust in the ground below!  I offered the Rosary and my visit there for the poor souls in Purgatory, of course.

I hope everybody had a beautiful day!  :)