My diocese has launched a local “Catholics Come Home” program for the Christmas season.

I think it’s a great idea, since many people attend Mass at Christmas who may not attend Mass at any other time.  I hope that many people take advantage of it, that Catholics will  invite fallen-away Catholics to Christmas Mass, and that fallen-away Catholics will accept those invitations with an open heart and mind.  And that those who only attend Mass at Christmas will start attending every Sunday and holy day of obligation.

As a Catholic revert myself, I can attest to the powerful and surprising ways in which the Holy Spirit can move us.  I pray that many people will have their faith and dedication re-ignited, as I have, and that they will accept the call to conversion whole-heartedly, humbly, and joyfully.

I can hardly imagine life without my Catholic faith now.  It is the greatest of blessings.  I hope that many others will discover, or re-discover, that blessing for themselves.