Like my friend Julie, I just remembered that the annual Dallas march for life is this month.  In fact, it’s one week from today!

This will be my third march, and I am very excited about it.  It’s been such a powerful experience, a true blessing.  Last year, it was twice as big as the first march I attended, and hopefully this year will be twice as big again–10,000 people! With a million Catholics in the Diocese of Dallas, and countless other pro-life advocates, it could definitely happen.

You can find more info at the Catholic Pro-life Committee of Dallas.  If you live around here, please come, and invite others to join you.

If you don’t care to attend all the events, please at least come out for the march to the court house.  The walk itself is easy, but what a testimony it gives!

I always find it both a sorrowful and a joyful event.  Sorrowful for what it commemorates: the legalization of a horrible injustice… so many millions of lives lost or damaged.  But joyful in that it shows such solidarity and hope.  We may not be able to do anything for the victims of yesterday.  But we can still try to bring about a better tomorrow.  And none of us is alone in that striving.