Just an update in case you’ve wondered what’s happened to me!

My dear father has been in the hospital a while–please keep the prayers coming for him.  They are such a source of comfort to him, and to my family and me!  Right now, we are waiting to hear the results of some biopsies they took from his stomach.  Hopefully it is not cancer.  And hopefully, he will be able to move from the hospital into a rehab place so he can get his strength and mobility back.

I went to the doctor today with a severe skin rash and lots of aches and pains and found out that I’ve got shingles.  Ugh.  I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus.  I did get medication, and hopefully it was caught early enough to avoid any long-term problems.  I was really surprised to get shingles–generally, it’s associated with older people.  But I’ve been through lots of stress lately, and visiting the hospital to see my dad, so I guess my immune system was weakened.  At least it wasn’t something more serious.  I’ve been having pains in my chest, and was afraid it was something to do with my heart.  So thank God it wasn’t.

The Lenten Lesson is being hammered in hard this year, in ways I didn’t expect.  It was all about keeping things in perspective.  And illness–whether of a loved one or your own–is a really good teacher.  Lots to offer up.  Lots to test my faith and trust in God.

I hope everybody is having blessed Lent!