Things are still pretty chaotic in my life.

My dad had brain surgery to remove a mass of cells that has been wreaking havoc with his motor functions.  Unfortunately, the surgery didn’t go entirely well.  At some point, his brain herniated, sustaining injury in places.  We’re not too sure yet how serious it is, or how it may affect him.  But thankfully, it doesn’t seem too bad so far–my mom told me that he was awake and aware of everything and talking.  He was also able to move his left foot a little; it had been more or less paralyzed before, due to the mass in his brain.

So, once more, I’m asking for prayers.  Please pray for Dad’s recovery!

As for myself, I am getting along all right.  I’m still suffering from the shingles, but am slowly getting better.  It is more of an extreme annoyance than anything… more uncomfortable than painful–although I do still get strong jabs of pain now and then.  I am trying to regard it as a good Lenten mortification.  That’s the only way I can cope with it.

Thank you as always for your prayers and good wishes.  My dad really appreciates them, and always asks me to pass along his thanks!