Dear friends and readers,

I am in Pittsburgh right now, currently in a hospital waiting room. Things are not looking so great for my dad. We’re not really sure how long he has. At this point, he is going to go with simple palliative care to make what time he has as comfortable and pleasant as possible. I’m still praying very hard for his healing–even if it takes a miracle. But may the Lord’s will be done, not mine.

This is not how I expected to spend Holy Week, but it has brought the Lord’s Passion, and the sorrows of the Blessed Mother, home to me more than ever before.

I’m sure I will appreciate it… someday.

For now, I am just taking things one step, one breath, at a time. Fortunately, there’s a nice little chapel with a Tabernacle with the Body and Blood of Christ in it. That’s holding me together and helping me along as much as possible.

Mostly, I’m just enjoying being with my dad, mom, and sister. Brother-in-law is coming this evening, and one of my aunts will be here sometime today.