I found this quotation at Fallible Blogma, and it immediately made me think of my dad:

“Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired.” – Mother Teresa

I think Dad lived this out well in his life.  Dad also had a great devotion to Blessed Mother Teresa. He even credits her prayers for a miraculous healing. Somewhere I have an account of it in his own words, which I will share when I find it. For now, here’s a paraphrase.

Some years ago, my dad had lots of cardio-vascular problems, and had a number of surgeries to try to repair them. After all that, he landed in the hospital again because the doctor found still more artery blockages, and the stints they had previously put in were breaking down. My dad was discouraged, frustrated, and also rather afraid.

The night before his surgery, he couldn’t sleep because of his anxiety. He remembered a time when he had seen Mother Teresa and some of her sisters in an airport. He remembered what an air of peace, calmness, and holiness she had about her. And since she had recently died, he prayed to her and prayed that he too might have that peace.

The next morning, in preparation for the surgery, the doctor ordered some new images of dad’s blocked arteries. They took some new images. The doctor looked at them, and asked the technician to take still more images. So some new ones were done. It seemed that things must be worse than the doctor realized.

The doctor was amazed, but not because the problems were worse than expected. To the contrary, the images taken that morning showed no problems at all–the arteries were clear, the stints were in good condition! He compared the new images to images previously taken, and the difference was like night and day. My dad’s cardio-vascular problems seemed to have cleared up literally overnight.

The doctor’s only explanation: It was a miracle.

I think that was the last time my dad had to go to the hospital with cardio-vascular problems. He attributed it to Mother Teresa’s intercession. He wrote out his account of what happened, and I believe he took it to his priest and/or bishop. But as far as I know, nothing came of it. Nevertheless, Dad took it as a sign of Mother Teresa’s sainthood.