I’ve begun reading Elisabeth Leseur‘s diary.  What a humbling and inspiring treasure it is!  I think she ought to be canonized, and I shall pray for as much!  Here is part of her entry from 21 September 1899:

Let us go back to the holy source, to the Gospel, the word of God.  Let us draw from it lessons of moral strength, heroic patience, tenderness for all creatures and for souls.  Let us Christians be sure never to “break the bruised reed” nor to “quench the smoking flax.”  That reed is perhaps the mournful suffering soul of a brother; and the humble flax extinguished by our icy breath may be some noble spirit that we could have restored and uplifted.  Let us beware: nothing is so delicate and so sacred as the human soul, nothing is so quickly bruised.  Let each one of our words and deeds contain a principle of life that, penetrating other spirits, will communicate light and strength and will reveal God to them.

There are no novel ideas here.  Rather it is a beautiful, soul-stirring exposition of some of Christianity’s most fundamental ideas.  Something so desperately needed in this modern age.  I know I needed to read this.  It’s so easy to stray even from the fundamentals of the faith.

Dear Elisabeth Leseur, pray for us!