I can’t believe it is already October–but I’m not complaining.  How can I complain when the weather is so glorious and it’s my favorite season of the year?  Thank God, the allergy fog was relatively short-lived, and I am getting back up to speed.  So here is an update of sorts.

I am back to studying Latin.  I am taking a class at the university where I work.  It is such a joy to be back in a university class room and to be studying this crown jewel of languages!

I am also getting back to work on my creative projects, both writing and visual arts.  I am pitifully rusty at both right now, but things will get better as I practice more.  Now if only I could acquire a piano t00, so I could get my music skills back in shape!

I’ve been watching Akira Kurosawa films quite a bit, thanks to some dear soul who donated some DVDs to my church library!  Gosh, I’d forgotten how much I admire those films, and how very timeless they are!  I had the good fortune to study Kurosawa’s films as a freshman in undergrad school, and I was hooked for life!  Since then, I’ve been so fascinated, not only by Kurosawa’s genius as a filmmaker and storyteller, but also by the society and culture he portrays.  There’s something about Japan and the Japanese and their culture that I just love… they are very foreign and exotic, sure, but I also feel a kind of kinship with them.

Last week, a co-worker invited me to a lecture by Father Wilson Miscamble, CSC, a history professor at Notre Dame, on Catholic American politicians in the 1960’s and since then.  It was very interesting, and I feel inspired to learn more about that era and about people like John and Robert Kennedy and Eugene McCarthy.  Father Miscamble was extremely knowledgeable about the history and the politics, but more importantly, he did a wonderful job of affirming the Church’s teachings regarding moral absolutes vs. prudential judgments.  He talked about Gaudium et Spes and the special responsibility of the Catholic laity to be active in the public square and to resist all attempts at privatizing religion.  St. Thomas More was mentioned more than once.  Honestly, it was so refreshing, and so enjoyable, not to have to be on the defensive while listening to a lecture on Catholicism and the public square!

My spiritual life has been… interesting… as in the “Chinese curse”, “May you live in interesting times.”  I think I will give that a post of its own.  For now, let’s just say I’ve learned quite a bit about human weakness and God’s mercy.

And speaking of living in interesting times, I was reminded by a commentor of the TFP Student Action organization and the trials that Catholic college students are putting up with every day.  They need our prayers.  I like to enlist the aid of Sts. Albert the Great and Thomas Aquinas on their behalf.  For my part, I am moved to deep repentance for my years as a student at a Catholic university… I’m sorry to say I was staunchly on the enemy’s side at that time.  At least I was not quite treacherous enough to put on sheep’s clothing.  Anybody could take one look at me and know where I stood.  But still… Lord have mercy!

Well, I must end here.  I have an early morning tomorrow.  God bless everyone!