I’ve been in a state of languor this Lent.  Partly because of circumstances beyond my control, and partly because of my own all-too-frequent indolence.  But tonight, I have remembered how I once summed up Catholicism: “There is always a new beginning.”  I wrote that in the epilogue of my conversion story.

That inspired me to re-read my conversion story–something I haven’t done in many months, or maybe years.  And I can truly say that it has given me a shot in the arm!

Mentally revisiting all those events and time periods… looking back over all that I’ve been through… remembering what a hard-fought battle it was… recalling junctures where things could have gone terribly wrong…

All of this has brought me back to my senses, back to myself.  It has rekindled my fires and restored my sense of purpose.  It has raised my eyes back up to my goal–nothing less than God Himself, for eternity, in Heaven.

That’s all I really want.  And there’s no surer way to attain to that goal than to just keep on being what I am–a practicing Catholic.

So.  Here I go again!

A blessed Lent to you all.