Many thanks to Jennifer Bitler of Doxology Design for creating my beautiful new custom blog header!  She has been a joy to work with, and her creativity and skill are plain to see.  She really listened to what I wanted, and also gave helpful expert advice.  She was very patient too, and provided many different options and possibilities to choose from.

SO–I highly recommend contacting her if you need a new blog header or any other Web or print design work!  :D

The lady saint in the image is St. Rose of Lima, one of my Lay Dominican sisters.  I was thinking about what kind of image could sum up the essence of being a practicing Catholic, and what came into my head was the very common holy card image of a saint adoring a Crucifix.  Adoring–not shunning–the Crucifix is something at the very heart of authentic Catholicism, and something that sets Catholics apart from many other Christians.  This image of St. Rose captured perfectly the love and devotion of a soul in worship and adoration of our Lord Crucified.

The splendid, majestic background image of St. Peter’s rotunda represents the “overarching” Church to which we each belong.  I wanted to have these images blended together as a way of making the point that there is no division or opposition between the individual’s private worship and personal relationship with Christ, on the one hand, and on the other, what some refer to as the “institutionalized Church.”  They are both part of the Catholic experience.

I threw all these ideas out there, and Jennifer took them and captured them in one beautiful image!  I never could have come up with it on my own.  So again, my gratitude goes to her!